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Welcome to the Peritoneal Dialysis Calculator

The online PD (Peritoneal Dialysis) Calculator is intended for use by clinicians for modeling the dialysis dose (Kt/V) for different peritoneal dialysis prescriptions options. Modeling a PD dose is based on generalized formulas and assumptions derived from patient populations. The output of a modeled prescription is limited in its accuracy and cannot account for the variability seen in individual patients. It is essential that the physician adjusts the prescription according to the individual patient's clinical parameters to ensure the adequacy of the PD prescription.

The calculator is not intended to replace the judgment or experience of the attending physician. The peritoneal dialysis treatment prescription is the sole responsibility of the attending physician.

The PD Calculator is not intended to be used for pediatric patients or amputees.

For additional information, please see the complete Instructions for Use and References.

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Peak time shown in green. Time to negative UF shown in red.

3. Physician Modeling
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